A.L.F. Visits Furrier's House
from No Compromise Issue 4

By JP Goodwin

Many readers of No Compromise are familiar with Syracuse furrier Georgio Politis. This is the same guy who has ambushed activists by hiring people to harass protesters while police waited to arrest any activists who responded. He has hit anti-fur protesters with a shovel, and convinced a Syracuse prosecutor to send one of our best activists to jail for 6 months, along with another two great activists who got between 30 and 60 days. In fact, things in that trial got so asinine that it is under appeal with the sentence temporarily suspended.

After all of this, and much, much more, it is no wonder that the Animal Liberation Front. decided to pay him a very special visit. On the night of Oct. 2 the Syracuse A.L.F. descended upon the home of Georgio Politis to do some major damage. The house and driveway were covered in spray paint. The windows on both of his cars were smashed, and buckets of paint were poured over them. "You Can't Hide" was emblazoned across his garage door. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Every major media outlet in Syracuse covered the raid. Some reporters even went so far as to harass Animal Defense League (ADL) founder Nicole Rogers at work. The animal rights movement enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the media, but it went too far when cameras followed Nicole around as she bussed tables at her restaurant.

The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) issued a news release in support of the A.L.F. attack in the hopes of taking some of the heat off of Nicole. It is doubtful that CAFT could take much attention away from Nicole, but the releases did stimulate some radio interviews with a CAFT representative.

Syracuse is a model city for animal rights activists. The Animal Defense League is hard hitting and the A.L.F. cell operating in that area just devastates everyone they target. One fur store in nearby Skaeneatlas, New York had all of its windows smashed, a glass chandelier smashed, paint bombs thrown inside, etc., etc. A hotdog restaurant was put completely out of business by the A.L.F. We should all make a point to support Syracuse activists in their trials, as they face the obstacles that everyone must confront on the path towards animal liberation.