March Turns Militant
from No Compromise Issue 4

WASHINGTON, DC -- The March for Animals was a great opportunity for militant animal liberationists -- and they seized it. Grassroots speakers were invited to speak about civil disobedience and the Animal Liberation Front at the Conference which was held at the U.S. Air Arena and was attended by approximately 1,000 people.

Militants also organized ad-hoc side conferences where issues the issues of civil disobedience, court strategy, the A.L.F. and government harassment were discussed.

At the ellipse, about half a dozen grassroots activists lead the crowd in chants of "Animal Liberation"after voicing their support for the A.L.F., direct action, and the grassroots.

Numerous activists helped distribute nearly 4,000 copies of No Compromise, and hundreds of copies of The Final Nail, and an A.L.F. Primer. These No Compromise distributors were so energetic that it lead to a writer from the Washington Post noticing them and talking about No Compromise in his article.

No Compromise would like to thank those activists who spent their time and energy helping to distribute copies of NC and raise funds.

During the actual march, the militants gathered behind a banner reading "Direct Action Saves Lives" with a picture of a masked activist.

Because of the march, many activists were exposed to the militant grassroots and our philosophies. It also allowed us to network with each other, promote the A.L.F., meet new activists who share our out-look, educate people on how to organize civil disobedience, and discuss upcoming days of action.

All in all, the militants effectively utilized the march as a great opportunity to strengthen the grassroots, make connections, and build solidarity.