Taking Non-Cooperation One Step Farther!
from No Compromise Issue 4

By Anonymous

With all the recent talk about jail solidarity and tactics I thought I'd throw out an idea that I've been thinking about for a while now: TOTAL NON-COOPERATION in jail. Hopefully we all hunger/thirst strike, ignore bail, refuse to use the wool blankets & lanolin filled post-fingerprinting soap plus the various other animal tested cosmetics - but what if we refused to cooperate on every level including NOT GIVING OUR NAMES or identification once arrested?

Although this may result in a slightly longer jail visit or a trip to solitary, it also creates more work for the police and strengthens our plan of resistance. In my opinion, one of the most valuable benefits from participating in a minor offense such as a CD is the knowledge gained regarding police manipulation, misconduct, and intimidation as well as the experience of being able to resist their attempts to control us. It is an essential lesson that can only make us stronger.

So... I was wondering if anyone here (already has) or would be interested in trying out this technique. I've heard of it working for large groups of individuals, but even the smallest affinity group could try it out.

I also came across this info in the Food not Bombs book by Butler and McHenry:

"Whether or not you will actually be arrested, willingness to suffer arrest can be very empowering. If you do get arrested, noncooperation with the police is politically empowering and personally satisfying. The most basic form of noncooperation with the police is refusal to give your name or address. This makes the attempt to dominate you more difficult. If you refuse to identify yourself, the police will often try to intimidate you by holding you in solitary confinement, refusing you access to a lawyer, denying you transportation to court, and engaging in similar threats and oppressive tactics. Politely but firmly tell them you will not give your name; most of the time the police will give up after one or two attempts to scare you. They will book you as Jane or John Doe, and take your picture and possibly your fingerprints. Most states limit the time they can hold you before bringing you before a bail hearing or arraignment to 48 or 72 hours. Trust yourself, and remain committed to the plan the group made before the arrest."

If you try this tactic, please let NC know how it worked and we will pass that information along to our readers!