U.S. Surgical Protested; Sixteen Arrested
from No Compromise Issue 4

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Bay Area Animal Right Direct Action Coalition and In Defense of Animals joined forces on October 7th to protest the cruelty-for-profit US Surgical Corporation. Thirty to thirty-five protesters chanted and held signs decrying the killing of dogs by USSC, and were soon surrounded by more than 35 police officers who asked them to stay on a traffic island.

Half the protesters did and the other half repeatedly stormed the Convention Center doors, battling with police and security for more than an hour. Sixteen activists were arrested, some of whom were merely photographing the incident.

All activists were placed in paddy wagons in the blazing sun in 98 degree heat with no ventilation for about an hour, resulting in temperatures inside exceeding 130 degrees. One activist was rushed to the emergency room and hospitalized for dehydration and complications resulting from heat prostration. Another activist received first degree burns to her legs from the floor of the van.

Most activists were held in the San Francisco Sheriff's Department jail for more than 12 hours, for unknown reasons, and later released without bail.