The Biggest Obstructionists of All
from No Compromise Issue 5

First of all, before I begin, I think that Merritt Clifton is the biggest obstructionist that the animal rights movement as a whole faces. However, at least from my own personal experience, the next biggest obstructionists I have faced are my parents. I think that the majority of the readers of No Compromise are in their teens and 20's; this means that most of us are still somewhat dependent on our parents (some of us may still live at home or we may need help paying for rent, college, etc).

Unfortunately, most of us weren't exactly "brought up" vegan and that in and of itself might have caused some family tension but, from my own experience, once I took my activism a step further and started "risking arrest", my other problems seemed trivial in comparison. If we, as activists, are to go ahead and defy our parents, we may face many obstacles. Our parents may no longer help pay for our education, they may completely disown us or they may simply make "coming home" a very unpleasant experience.

From my own point of view, I love my parents very much and I know they won't be around forever so I don't want to cause them any pain, but at the same time how can I not "speak up" for the animals? This is where the true obstructing comes into play. We, as activists, often times have to choose between doing what we know is right for the animals or upsetting our parents. It is by no means an easy decision to make.

Personally, I'm taking the easy way out of this situation and moving away for awhile, but this obviously isn't an option for everyone. Unfortunately, I don't think that I am alone in this struggle. If anyone else is experiencing the same problems, please contact me (preferably via email), as I think it would be great if those of us who are experiencing family problems because of our activism and those people who have overcome these problems can network together and provide moral support for each other because, after all, if we can overcome "this" obstacle the real winners will, of course, be the animals.