More Unite and Fight

by Treegirl

I'm writing because an opportunity exists for the animal liberation movement to grow stronger. The most effective tactic we have, I believe, is to forge links, whenever possible, with empathetic movements. The goal would be to blur the defining lines until separate movements become unrecognizable.

If and when many different cogs stop turning, the great machine known as America will weaken. Check out the government's (any) response when different liberation movements "join forces," maximizing their effectiveness. When Judi Bari, an Earth First! activist who was organizing Redwood Summer, an effort to preserve the Redwoods, started organizing the forest workers as well, her was car bombed.

Fortunately she survived, but much evidence leads us to believe that the FBI assisted or planned the bombing. What Judi was doing was exposing the roots and causes of an environmental/worker split. Should we preserve ecology or create jobs? It was the media's simplistic, sports-like dichotomy and it was being shattered. Witness the article "Feds Visit Canadian Activist" (No Compromise #5, Dec.,1996.) The activist describes the RCMP's paranoia of activists involved with both Anti-Racist Action (ARA) and the A.L.F. Europe is experiencing a commonality developing between anti-fascist activists and the anti-vivisection crew.

This is not implying that one should drop their good work and join 18 different organizations. No way. The work we do for the animals and wilderness is already volumes more than we can handle.

I am simply stating the need for an increased awareness of common interests: often their fight is our fight. This awareness will be reflected in our thoughts and actions. Reflect on the fact that animals are legally "property" under U.S. law. So too were African-Americans and, to some extent, women. Self-determination is still not a reality for these groups.

I also must mention (and I know that I'm not telling you anything new) the simple fact that any struggle for the environment is a struggle for the animals, be it anti-nuclear, anti-car or forest defense. Earth First!, for the most part, should be considered allies. The ridiculousness of a goose-hunting protest (in '94) where protesters drove their toxic, fume-spewing, earth-killing machines (cars) through the park while honking is self-evident.

Concerning tactics, remember to always support the (effective) non-militant activities. Equally as critical as smashing laboratories and fur farms is teaching elementary school kids vegetarianism and respect for ecology. McDonald's and factory farms would become obsolete if we could avert the next generation from becoming insensitive, unconscious, meat-munching automatons, right?

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