Bombing Deals a Million-Dollar Blow to Fur Industry
from No Compromise Issue 7

Sandy, UT--Bombs ripped through offices and four trucks at a Utah mink feed plant in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 11th. In an anonymous phone call to CAFT, an unspecified, underground animal rights group claimed responsibility for the action and the subsequent $1 million in damages.

The bombs completely destroyed four trucks and the second floor of the administrative offices. No humans or animals were hurt in the action. The Utah fur industry has responded by hiring armed guards and installing elaborate alarm systems to try and thwart further attacks.

The mink feed plant in question was the Utah Furbreeders Agricultural Co-Op in Sandy, Utah. This plant is reportedly the second largest mink feed supplier in the U.S. and conducts animal research aimed at developing feed formulations that will make fur farming more profitable.

The plant was the subject of an attempted arson in 1991 when the A.L.F. planted incendiary devices that failed to go off. The company's experimental fur farm was then raided in June of 1996, and 50 to 75 mink were liberated. This set off a string of mink liberations at fur farms throughout the state.

Contrary to certain media reports, the A.L.F. never claimed this most recent action. The anonymous caller reporting the action never gave any group affiliation. Since the A.L.F. has never used pipe bombs, it is unclear if this signifies the emergence of a new, more militant group.

Meanwhile, it is expected to be at least six months before the plant will be fully repaired.