A.L.F. Raids More Fur Farms - 510 Liberated
from No Compromise Issue 7

The A.L.F. struck a Texas fur farm for the first time on April 9th. Ten chinchillas were liberated from the DeBerry, Texas-based Don Kelley Fur Farm. In an anonymous call to a sympathetic animal rights group, the A.L.F. claimed credit for the action and claimed that the animals would be put in loving homes.

Most fur farmers kill chinchillas by either genital electrocution, foot to ear electrocution, or neck-breaking. This is the first time the A.L.F. has liberated chinchillas during this new anti-fur farm campaign, possibly because chinchillas are not known for being good candidates for release into the wild. Due to the chinchilla's thick coat, they cannot survive in temperatures much over 80 degrees. Mink and fox, on the other hand, have been shown to thrive directly upon release from fur farms.

The A.L.F. claims that the chinchillas freed during this raid are now living with human companions who will care for them and their needs.

Following this action, the A.L.F. moved towards Maryland where they raided the Frank Parsons Mink and Ferret Farm. Five hundred mink were freed from their cages and breeding records for all of the animals were destroyed.

Two years ago, Parsons was caught on videotape killing mink by injecting Blackleaf 40 weed killer and rubbing alcohol into their chests. The mink were going into convulsions and dying agonizing deaths. Hopefully this raid will shut Parsons down and prevent any future animal torture at this site.

Sweden has also seen a string of raids this year. So far, five fur farms have been hit with animal liberations, stolen breeding records, and destroyed equipment. At least one of these farms has closed down now, which is a surprise, as most fur farms don't close until December when they pelt out all of the remaining animals. A group called the Wild Minks has taken responsibility for all of these raids except one where the A.L.F. freed two foxes.