Reflections on Prison and the Needs of Our Movement

» Interview with Ronnie Lee
» Blast from the Past: Against All Odds
» Liberating the Classroom
» Keith Mann Thanks Supporters After Release
» Smashing the Fur Trade Quickly and Efficiently
» Inside an A.L.F. Cell
» Economic Sabotage: Hitting Animal Abusers Where it Hurts
» Animal Liberations: Saving Lives TODAY!
» Intelligence Gathering
» How The Raid Was Done: UK Raid on Vivisection Lab
» Staying Safe While Fucking Shit Up
» Description of a Simple Igniter
» A Sense of Urgency
» Keep Your Mouth Shut
» Don't Get Caught!
» Henna Raids
» 10 Rules for Direct Action
» Description of a One Hour Delayed Incendiary Device
» General Traces: Forensics
» Description of a Electronically Timed Incendiary Igniter
» Fur Trade Reports
» A.L.F. Liberates 116 Animals From University of Minnesota (MN)
» Whale Killed Despite Activists' Heroic Efforts (WA)
» Bay Area Vivisectors Hit Hard (CA)
» Dallas Activists Target Research Labs (TX)
» Banner Hang Calls Attention to Vivisection at NYU (NY)
» Attack on Cornell Virus Factory (NY)
» Atlanta Banner Targets Yerkes (GA)
» Four Hour Barrel Blockade at NYC Macy's (NY)
» 7 Arrested at Eugene Circus Lockdown (OR)
» COK Activists Blockade Ringling Bros. (DC)
» AR Uprising in Germany (Int'l)
» Barry Horne in Poor Health After 4th Hungerstrike (Int'l)
» The War at Hillgrove Rages On (Int'l)
» News From New Zealand (Int'l)
» Disobedient Swedes Liberate Animals (Int'l)
» UK Fur Farm Ban Blocked (Int'l)
» Austria's Fur Trade on its Last Legs (Int'l)
» 11 Accused ALFers Stand Trial in Finland (Int'l)
» Quintiles Campaign Update (Int'l)
» UK Bloodsports Watch (Int'l)
» Daylight Raids Debate