» In Memoriam: Fallen Warrior Alex Slack
» Interview with Ramona Africa
» The Real Terrorists
» Blast from the Past: Silver Springs Monkeys
» Political Action & The Movement
» Leghold Trap Ban Amendment
» Negative Campaigning
» Stop the Gore-y Tests
» The Initiative Process: Public Education "on Steroids"
» What You Can Do to Be Politically Active for Animals
» Animals Betrayed by English Labour Party
» TROs, Injunctions and Stay Aways
» ADL-NJ Vs. Lew Magram
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» West Coast Labs Raided by A.L.F. (WA)
» Hegins Pigeon Massacre Canceled! (PA)
» Primate Freedom Tour Wakes The Nation (Nat'l)
» Monkey Dealer Truck Torched
» The Liberation of Annie (NY)
» A.L.F. Rocks Wisconsin (WI)
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» From the Embers at Vail (CO)
» Grand Jury Resister Jailed for 3 Weeks (CA/MO)
» A.L.F. Press Office Beats MN Grand Jury (MN)
» Freehold 9 Update (NJ)
» A Decade of Economic Sabotage in the Netherlands (Int'l)
» German Mink Raids
» Hillgrove Closed Forever! (Int'l)
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» Political Action Debate
» Student and Cyber Outreach
» Review - Long Walk To Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela