Bloodsports Watch: UK Hunt News Brief
from No Compromise Issue 17


On 05/07/00 the National Federation of Badger Groups warned that the Government was recommencing its badger slaughter program. Animal rights activists have vowed to campaign against this slaughter and have stated that any trap that is found will be trashed and any badger will be released.


On the 11th of June the Sunday Telegraph reported that three Junior Ministers have threatened to resign their positions if the Labour Government does not ban hunting with hounds.


On 08/04/00 a man was fishing in Goodland Gardens, Taunton, when a cyclist rode up to him. The cyclist got off his bike, pulled the anglers nets out of the water, released the fish (destroying the nets in the process) and then jumped back on his bike and rode off.


The badger cull, supposed to start on 09/01/00 has been canceled due to a public outcry.


On 08/13/00 a sea angler managed to hook himself after a needle-sharp hook whipped back into his mouth during a fishing trip six miles off the Dorset coast. Apparently he was in agony. Now the bastard knows how the fish feel.


On 09/01/00 hunt saboteur Steve Christmas was left with serious injuries, including several broken bones, after he was deliberately run down by a hunt supporter in a 4x4 vehicle. Because of the severity of his injuries Steve had to be airlifted to hospital were he was put under Intensive Care. Earlier in the day hunt supporters had driven their vehicle at the sabs, and the Huntsman, M Bycroft, had whipped the sabs.


On 09/02/00 between 30-50 masked anti-hunt protesters demonstrated outside the kennels of the Old Surrey and Burstow Fox Hounds. However as they approached the Kennels they were set upon by hunt thugs wielding pickaxe handles. This provoked some of the demonstrators to start throwing rocks at the houses and other buildings resulting in an estimated 17 windows being smashed. Additional damage to the hunt’s property was reported. One hunter claims that he was allegedly injured when hit by a rock, which came through a window. The police also said that one of their officers was injured when sprayed in the face with CS gas.


A week after 30-50 masked activists stoned the kennels of the Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Hunt, members of that hunt received letters signed by the Hunt Retribution Squad warning them that they were considered "legitimate targets". The letters also called for an immediate halt to hunting. Speaking about the recent events and the HRS threat, Dena Scott, the joint master of the hunt kennels, told reporters: "It's getting far too personal now. We have families and children and it is a nightmare. We are terrified particularly after what happened at the weekend. We had nothing to do with the incident on Friday. We are not interested in violence of any sort."


On 09/06/00 The Daily Telegraph reported that the Bill to outlaw foxhunting in Scotland could be delayed by three years after an influential Scottish Parliament committee indicated it will throw it out. The rural affairs committee is poised to recommend that the Protection of Wild Mammals Bill (Scotland) be withdrawn because of the way it is drafted, amid fears that it is too wide ranging.


On 10/21/00, at 1am in the morning, Huntsman David Pitfield from Kings Cross Lane, South Nutfield, Surrey, was woken by the sound of his van catching fire after persons unknown placed an incendiary device under the vehicle. Five hours later a similar device was discovered under the vehicle of another hunter in Nutley, East Sussex. This second device, which police described as "being capable of severe damage, even death" did not ignite and was removed by Army bomb disposal experts. Both hunters are involved with the Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Fox Hunt and both had recently been warned by the Hunt Retribution Squad to stop hunting or become "legitimate targets".


On 10/03/00 The Times newspaper reported William Hauge as saying he can not guarantee a Conservative Government, under his leadership, would repeal any anti-hunting legislation. They quoted Hague as saying "I cannot give any absolute assurance about what we do in a new Parliament. We cannot get people thinking that if things are changed they can be changed back easily."


On 10/11/00 police officers around the country stayed a series of dawn raids resulting in the arrest of 18 sabs. The raids were in connection with the attack on the Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Fox Hunt kennels where 17 windows were smashed by a stone throwing group of around about 50 anti-bloodsports activists. Those arrested came from Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London and Somerset. The police say that more arrests are expected.


On Sunday the 3rd September, persons unknown cut down a hunting platform on the Schneeberg in Lower Austria. Then on Sunday 10th September another 2 hunting platforms were cut in the Kamp valley in Lower Austria.

On 08/10/00 the ALF admitted destroying seven large hunting platforms near Brachwitz in Brandenburg, Germany