Thirty Years of Direct Action
The Plight of Oregon Primate Center Monkeys
Elitism: A Reluctant Acknowledgement and Conditional Apology
In Honor of Jeff Luers
Message from the Animal Liberation Front Support Group Holland
Within Our Ranks

Stephens Divests
2001 Year-End Direct Action Report
Hope for the Hopeless
Finnish A.L.F. in the 1990s
Civil Disobedience Debate
Interview with Robert and Mark - Danish Exiled Animal Liberationists
Review of HLS Tactics
Operation Bankruptcy
Yellowstone Bison Campaign
Ducks Out of Water
Polish Animal Rights Movement and Direct Action
New Zealand Battery Hen Rescue
Civil Disobedience Against the Meat Industry
The Surge Comes!
Barry Horne
Civil Suits in a Nutshell
Working Undercover: The Spy Who Shagged OHSU
Becoming a Political Force
English Lessons
On Tactics and Strategy: Where Do We Go From Here?
Building a Movement
When Bad Dynamics Happen to Good Groups