SLC Snitch: Harrison David Burrows
from No Compromise Issue 25

In the early morning hours of July 8, 2004, A.L.F. activists set ablaze two tractors and thousands of pounds of cardboard affiliated with the animal testing facilities at Brigham Young University (BYU). Over $30,000 in damage was inflicted, and days later the Animal Liberation Front took credit for the action, vowing to continue targeting the University until animal experiments ceased. The arson followed up prior A.L.F. actions at the campus that included the liberation of caged rabbits and birds.

Two weeks after the action, police searched the home of 18-year-old Harrison David Burrows, who had been spotted in the area near the fire and identified by police. (Burrows would later say that he and an accomplice had returned to the scene to watch the fires they’d set.) After seizing tools from Burrows’ residence that had allegedly been taken from the BYU facility, police arrested him.

Burrows was charged with destruction of property by fire and use of a destructive device during the commission of a crime, charges that, had he been convicted on both counts, could have earned him a minimum of 35 years in jail.

Quick to employ their usual tricks, investigators questioned Burrows, who, according to court documents, told authorities that he and Josh Demmitt were responsible for the fires at BYU. Burrows also provided authorities with the names of other people allegedly involved in underground activity. Media reports state that, according to the affidavit, he also took responsibility for other A.L.F. actions at BYU. However, he hasn't been charged in those incidents.

On September 14, Burrows pleaded guilty to Destruction of Property by Fire. In exchange, the government said it would seek five years imprisonment for Burrows. Sentencing is set for January 2005.

As part of his plea agreement, he agreed to testify before any grand jury or at any trial about his involvement and the participation of others, stating, “I agree to cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities regarding any information I may have concerning the vandalism and arson committed against Brigham Young University's Ellsworth Farm on May 16th, May 29th and July 8th 2004, and as to other actions taken by the Animal Liberation Front or Earth Liberation Front against any other person or property.”

Josh Demmitt has denounced Harrison, and as of this writing has not entered a plea. At a September 28th hearing, Demmit was granted a continuance to review the case before making a decision on how to plea.