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Issue #15 - Winter 2000

Blast From the Past - 80's Lab Raids
Blast From the Past - UC Harbor
Shadow Activist 
Vivisection Lab Suppliers

1999 Fur Season Recap (Nat'l)
Activists Blockade Live Transport of Pigs in Austria (Int'l)
Fur Industry Challenges Civil Liberties (PA)
Minnehaha's Last Stand? (MN)
New Zealand Vivisector's Conference Under Siege (Int'l)
Swedish A.L.F. Update (Int'l)
The Battle in Seattle: WTO (WA)
Washington Lab Raids (WA)

Animal Liberation Through Trade Unions?
Saving Animals Can't Be Postponed
Sexism in the Movement

Issue #14 - Fall 1999 

In Memoriam: Fallen Warrior Alex Slack
Interview with Ramona Africa
The Real Terrorists
Blast from the Past: Silver Springs Monkeys
Political Action & The Movement
Leghold Trap Ban Amendment
Negative Campaigning
Stop the Gore-y Tests
The Initiative Process: Public Education "on Steroids"
What You Can Do to Be Politically Active for Animals
Animals Betrayed by English Labour Party
TROs, Injunctions and Stay Aways
ADL-NJ Vs. Lew Magram
Fur Trade Reports

 West Coast Labs Raided by A.L.F. WA)
Hegins Pigeon Massacre Canceled! (PA)
Primate Freedom Tour Wakes The Nation (Nat'l)
Monkey Dealer Truck Torched
 The Liberation of Annie (NY)
 A.L.F. Rocks Wisconsin (WI)
Minnehaha Free State Campaign Continues (MN)
 From the Embers at Vail (CO)
Grand Jury Resister Jailed for 3 Weeks (CA/MO)
A.L.F. Press Office Beats MN Grand Jury (MN)
Freehold 9 Update (NJ)
 A Decade of Economic Sabotage in the Netherlands (Int'l)
 German Mink Raids
Hillgrove Closed Forever! (Int'l)
Direct Action in Denmark (Int'l)
UK Bloodsports Watch (Int'l)
Swedish AR Activists Face Police Harassment (Int'l)
HLS Trial (Int'l)
Israeli Campaign Ends Plan for 800-Monkey Breeding Farm (Int'l)
UK Fur Farm Ban - Still Waiting, Still Suffering (Int'l)

Political Action Debate
Student and Cyber Outreach

Review - Long Walk To Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

Issue #13 - Summer 1999

 Interview with Ronnie Lee
Reflections on Prison and the Needs of Our Movement
 Blast from the Past: Against All Odds
Liberating the Classroom
 Keith Mann Thanks Supporters After Release
 Smashing the Fur Trade Quickly and Efficiently
 Inside an A.L.F. Cell
 Economic Sabotage: Hitting Animal Abusers Where it Hurts
 Animal Liberations: Saving Lives TODAY!
 Intelligence Gathering
 How The Raid Was Done: UK Raid on Vivisection Lab
 Staying Safe While Fucking Shit Up
 Description of a Simple Igniter
 A Sense of Urgency
 Keep Your Mouth Shut
 Don't Get Caught!
 Henna Raids
 10 Rules for Direct Action
 Description of a One Hour Delayed Incendiary Device
 General Traces: Forensics
 Description of a Electronically Timed Incendiary Igniter
Fur Trade Reports

 A.L.F. Liberates 116 Animals From University of Minnesota (MN)
Whale Killed Despite Activists' Heroic Efforts (WA)
Bay Area Vivisectors Hit Hard (CA)
Dallas Activists Target Research Labs (TX)
Banner Hang Calls Attention to Vivisection at NYU (NY)
Attack on Cornell Virus Factory (NY)
Atlanta Banner Targets Yerkes (GA)
Four Hour Barrel Blockade at NYC Macy's (NY)
7 Arrested at Eugene Circus Lockdown (OR)
COK Activists Blockade Ringling Bros. (DC)
AR Uprising in Germany (Int'l)
Barry Horne in Poor Health After 4th Hungerstrike (Int'l)
The War at Hillgrove Rages On (Int'l)
News From New Zealand (Int'l)
Disobedient Swedes Liberate Animals (Int'l)
UK Fur Farm Ban Blocked (Int'l)
Austria's Fur Trade on its Last Legs (Int'l)
 11 Accused ALFers Stand Trial in Finland (Int'l)
Quintiles Campaign Update (Int'l)
UK Bloodsports Watch (Int'l)

Daylight Raids Debate

Issue #12 - Spring 1999

 Interview With Finnish A.L.F. Activist
No Compromise with Feds - Rod Coronado
 Arson Around With Auntie ALF
Essentials of a Criminal Trial
Grand Juries: Tool of Repression
"Unsound" Science at UCSF
Vivisection Q&A
Knowing The Enemy
Remedial Vivisection
Targeting B-Dealers
Debating Vivisection
Debunking the AIDS Myth
Medical School Costs a Lot More Than You Think
Deja Vu: Primate Research
Genetic Engineering: The Transgression of Nature
Anti-P&G To Do List
Becoming A Non-Profit Organization
Fur Trade Reports

Activists Besiege Seattle Fur Exchange (WA)
 Finnish Fur Farm Raiders Stand Trial (Int'l)
Boston CAFT Rocks Macy's For Fur Free Christmas (MA)
FBI, Local Police Attempt to Shutdown Total Liberation Conference (FL)
 Chatham 3 Update: Pat & Hilma Jailed (Int'l)
Activists Work to Stop Yellowstone Buffalo Slaughter
Minnehaha Free State Raided (MN)
Animal Liberationists Pound Mink Farmers' Annual Convention (WI)
Lockdown Successful in Obtaining Public Forum at Oregon State University (OR)
Three Arrested for Inspecting Battery Hen Farm in Australia (Int'l)
Hillgrove Cat Farm Standoff (Int'l)
Meat-counter Blockade in Sweden (Int'l)
UK Fur Trade Update (Int'l)
Sweden Gives Animal Abusers Hell (Int'l)
Barry Horne's Appeal Denied (Int'l)
Huntingdon Death Sciences Campaign (Int'l)
First Animal Rights Trial in Norway (Int'l)
Activists Lockdown to New Zealand Logging Helicopter (Int'l)
U.K. Bloodsports Watch (Int'l)
The War Against Macy's East Escalates (Nat'l)
D.C.'s Neiman Carcass Campaign (DC)

Nonviolence for Liberation
Forest Life

Breaking Free #2
Pacifism as Pathology
Animal Experimentation A Harvest of Shame

Issue #11 - Winter 1999

Fur Trade Report
In Defense of the ALF
Organizing a Student Group (Unedited)
Putting SNV in Perspective

ELF Claims Vail Arson for Lynx (CO)
UK Fur News (Int'l)

Complementing Roles: Nationals and the Grassroots
Revolutionary Process and the A.L.F.

Issue #10 - Fall 1998

ADC and USFS Buildings Torched
Daylight Raid on Oregon Lab Breeder
A.L.F. Raids Mink Research Farm
Interview with Noel of GANDALF 3
COINTELPRO And Earth First!
Revolutionary Strugle - Rod Coronado
Smash The Bloody Fur Trade
Fur Trade Reports
Free The Animals YOURSELF
Conquering the Press Release
Tools to Stop A Hunt
ADC's Trail of Blood
ADC: Tool of Animal Abusers
The ADC Money Trail
Clarifying the No Compromise Strategy
Hunt Sabotage 101
Thinking Like A Fox
Posting Property
Hunt Patrols
Sabbing Hunts With Hounds
The Future of Hunting
Fox Hunting In The U.S.
A New Spectre: The Hunt Retribution Squad
Sabotaging Goose Hunts
Hunt Sabbing And Law Enforcement
The Eighth Circle of Hell: Undercover at a Slaughterhouse

Defend Envirolink Against Anti-Environmental Wackos!
12 Hour Blockade of SF Neiman Marcus (CA)
CA Activists Battle the Court: One Sentenced to 45 Days (CA)
Anti-Fur Activists Shut Down NYC Macy's (NY)
Woodchucks Liberated from NY Lab (NY)
Josh Ellerman Sentenced, More Arrests in Utah (UT)
National Protests Against Primate Experimentation (Nat'l)
OHSU Office Takeover (OH)
Halloween Siege at UC Berkeley Vivisector's House (CA)
Hillgrove Farm Update (Int'l)
Finnish Protest Camp (Int'l)
Victory for Australia's Hens (Int'l)
Ruining Huntingdon Life Sciences (Int'l)
Austria's Ory of Blood (Int'l)
Undercover Investigation of Aussie Piggery (Int'l)
Protestors Rights Upheld Against Hockley Furs
Finland Anti-Fur Campaign (Int'l)

In Defense Of Arson
Why Costumes are Useful

Issue #9 - Summer 1998

Government Repression at All Time High
Interview with Confessed Mink Liberators (Unedited)
Letters from the Underground: Part 3
Shutting Down UK Lab Breeders - Hillgrove Farm

8 Days on Clock Tower to Protest Vivisection (CA)
Austria Live Animal Transports Blockaded - Unedited & More Photos! (Int'l)
Designers Confronted at Fur Fashion 'Week' (NY)
Swedish Animal Liberation - Unedited & More Photos! (Int'l)

Issue #8

A Fighting Chance - First-Hand Account of a Mink Raid
Letters from the Underground: Part 2
Never Surrender!
Grand Jury Targets Oregon Activists
Mass Media Debate: Use It or Lose It?
Earth First! Focus Section
What ALF Prisoners Need from Us
Historical Analysis of the Use of Hunger Strikes by the IRA
Criminal Conspiracy: What It Is & How To Avoid It
Building A Supportive Movement

Hegins 7 - Lockdown to Stop the Slaughter (NJ)
Prairie Dog Hunt Sabotage
War Declared Against Swedish Fur Trade (Int'l)
Los Angeles Conference and National Anti-Vivisection Protest (CA)
Updates on the Ohio 2, Mass 4, Chatham 3 (US)
Continuing Harrasment of Canadian Activists (CA)

The Tie That Binds - Bridging Movements
Gov. & Co. To Blame for Eco-Problems
Less Humans, Less Exploitation
Capitalism Kills ALL Beings
Mink Raid Debate
Security Thoughts

Issue #7

Discipline in the Trenches - 10 Easy Steps
Informers are Everywhere!
Interview with Jeff Watkins
Letters from the Underground: Part 1
Tony Wong's 61-Day Hunger Strike

5 Accused of Raiding Mink Farm (Int'l)
32 Arrested at UC David (CA)
Consort Beagle Breeders Riot (Int'l)
Million Dollar Blow to Fur Industry (UT)
More Fur Farms Raided - 510 Freed! (Int'l)
News Shorts (Int'l)

Fight Back!
RMCP Raids Homes in Canada
Warning Signs You're Being Monitored

Cops Lie
Response Editorial Regarding Mink Release

Issue #6

Don't Talk to Cops
Interview with Tony Wong
Police Brutality and You
Rod's Column
Creating a Security Culture
Shadow Activist
Support All Eco-Warriors
The Hunger Strike

8 Arrested - Hunger/Thirst Strike for 5 Days in Jail (NY)
A.L.F. Rampage Fur Industry (Int'l)
A.L.F. Appreciation Week (Int'l)
ADL on Trial (CT)
Barry Horne's Hunger Strike (Int'l)
Deer Hunt Shut Down (NJ)
Philly 3 Court Date (PA)
Scratch Squad (NM)
Sentenced to 6 Months - Jeff Watkin's Story (NY)
Slaughterhouse Blockade (CA)
Sue McCrosky Freed (GA)

Fight Back!
How to Crush a Grand Jury
Walk Through a Grand Jury
Political Repression in Syracuse

Animal and Earth Liberation: Unite and Fight!
Dress for Success
More Unite and Fight

Issue #5

A Vivisector's Restraining Order
ExFURminsating the Fur Industry
Fur Wars Intensify!
Rooftop Demos
Shadow Activist
The Flames of Victory
University E-mail/Security
Vivisector Visits

6 Arrested at Marineland (Int'l)
20 Days in Jail for Steve Hindi (IL)
99 Arrests - Fur Free Friday '96 (Nat'l)
A.L.F. Active in Norway (Int'l)
Circus Protestors Go To Jail (OH)
FFF - Jailed for 9 Days in Orlando (FL)
FFF - 3 Lock Down at Macy's (NJ)
Good Sam, Bad Sam (OR)
Knott's Trial Update (CA)
Letter from Frank Kocera (Int'l)
More Police Brutality in Syracuse (NY)
Tony Wong Jailed for 12 Days (IN)
Utah Three Confess to Arson (UT)
Vegan Vigilantes Take Over McDonald's (CA)

Fight Back!
Feds Visit Canadian Activist
Get the Agents Off your Back
Government Harassment in Utah
Investigators' Dirty Tricks
Know Your Rights
Minimize the Effects of Government Harassment
Tactics of Intimidation

Abandon Prejudice
Human Over-Population Revisited
Support All Activists
The Biggest Obstructionists of All
The Vegan Police

Issue #4

Doing Time with the A.L.F.
Fur Wars Heat Up
Gossip Busters
Human Overpopulation
Open the Cages!
Solidarity and Commitment
Strategies for Jail Support
The LA 3 Sage

14 Arrests at Fur Protest (CT)
A.L.F. Hit Furrier's Home
Holland Activists Busted (Int'l)
March for Animals Turns Militant (DC)
Slaughterhouse Blockade (CA)
Syracuse Activist Harassed and Jailed (NY)
US Surgical Protest - 16 Arrests (CA)

Fight Back!
Protecting Ourselves from Gov't

Taking Non-Cooperation One Step Farther
Is Letter Writing Enough?

Issue #3

Civil Disobedience Is A Viable Tactic For Change
Civil Disobedience: Overview of Nonviolent Strategy
From Arrest To Trial All for the Animals
Courtroom Strategy
Interview with Robin Webb

Militant ADL Protestors Shutter Circus Pages (IN)
Police Arrest 2 for "Mob Action" at King Royal Circus (IL)
44 Arrested in Spring Anti-Fur Offensive (US)
10,000 Mink Freed in Single Raid (NY)
The Demise of the U.K. Fur Trade
Activists Hang From Research Labs, Block Lab Entrances (CA, OR)
View From the Top...Josh Speaks (CA)
NZ Lab Animal Sabotage Claimed (Int'l)
ALF Apprecation Day Actions (US)
Young Advocates' Rights Violated (IN)
Teen Anti-Fur Activist Hit By Fur Manager's Hubbie at Demo (IN)
Bear Watch Activists Attacked By Hunters (B.C.)
Convicted Protestors Will Defy Sentence (WA)
Psycho Judge Freaks (CA)
100 Arrest in Finnish Anti-Fur Rally (Int'l)
The Terrible Truth About 'Big Mac' (CA)
South African A.L.F. Frees Hunt Farm Victims (Int'l)

Inspiration and Denial
Student Organizing
Rights Vs. Welfare Analogy

Issue #2

Direct Action: Time Tested...and Effective
Complete and Total Non-Cooperation
Interning With Nationals
Shadow Activist: Dealing with 'loose lips'
A.L.F. Appreciation Day
Interview With A Compassionate Commando
Why A.D.L. Should Support the A.L.F.
The A.L.F.: Fanatics or Liberators?

Six Arrested at SFX Seige (WA)
ARDAC Blockaders Disrupt Beverly Hills Bullock's (CA)
Dayton Hudson Campaign
Macy's Corporate HQ Invaded (CA)
More Direct Action Ahead For Federated Stores
Fiery Protests Mark Worldwide Action Against Seal Slaughter
Series of Trials Boost AR Cause (CA)
22 Militants Arrested At Mink Convention (WI)
A.L.F. Frees 200 Mink From Fur Farm (WI)
Syracuse Fur War (NY)
90-Day Sentence for Lab Protest (MN)
3 Convicted of Hunter Harassment (MN)
Longtime Atlanta Activist Found Guilty (GA)

Issue #1

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