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July 31, 2000

3:51 EDT

Assaulted Anti-Fur Activist Remains Jailed

Rocker Ted Nugent Pals Around with Police After Attack

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Anti-fur demonstrator Bhaskar Sinha (below, being grabbed by Nugent) remains in San Francisco County Jail today on a hunger strike after animal-hating rock star Ted Nugent allegedly spat on, threatened, and physically assaulted animal rights activists here yesterday.

Nugent, who is notorious for his pro-hunting/anti-animal rights position (he recently held a hunting expedition called “Rape of the Hills 2000”), signed autographs, passed out guitar picks, and posed for pictures with San Francisco Police, even though protesters had placed a citizen’s arrest on Nugent for assault, according to one witness. Police refused to take statements from witnesses who observed Nugent’s threats and violence toward Sinha.

Activists will hold a demonstration outside the county jail (on 7th between Bryant and Harrison) today at 2 pm demanding Sinha’s immediate release.  Supporters say they will hold another demonstration at 8 pm if Sinha has not been released.

“This is a perfect example of money buying justice,” said supporter Andrea Lindsay. “Nugent is shuttled around like royalty by the police after he violently attacks a protestor while an innocent activist goes to jail.”

Nugent has a history of attacking animal rights activists. The middle-aged rocker was sued in 1993 by an animal rights supporter after he verbally accosted her.

The altercation between Nugent and the activists took place during a demonstration against the sale of fur by Neiman Marcus. The upscale department store has been the target of weekly demonstrations by the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade for more than a year. They say animals are killed using cruel methods such as gassing, trapping, and neckbreaking.

Photos of the incident are available at

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